New Construction

Building a new home is not a simple task. Even for experienced builders it might pose a challenge at times. There are new construction codes that constantly change, and site conditions that remain unknown until they revile themselves. That’s why hiring the right company may be the deference between a flip or a flop.

At EnviroBuild Construction, we believe preparation is the key for a successful project. The more detail we get from our customers, and future homeowners, the better the new construction project will be. 

Building Plans

When we design and build a new construction project, the outcome is largely dependent on the building plans. Making the correct architectural drawings the first time will save much time and money. Our goal is to run through a project with minimal correction, so we can deliver the home to its new owners in a timely manner, and within the set budget. 

New Construction in Maryland

This is a new construction site in Maryland, where many new homes are being built.